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Providing Decades Of Mediation Guidance

A divorce case can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take months or even years to complete. A skilled mediator can help parties find solutions to their disputes at a fraction of the cost and keep you in control.

At Seacrist Law Office, LLC, in Mentor, Ohio, attorney Susan Seacrist is an experienced mediator who has helped many people reach a settlement. Mediation saves you time and money, and most importantly, puts you in control of the outcome of your case and what happens to you and your family. Even if you try mediation and you do not settle all your concerns, you will at least know what is in dispute when you go to court.

Work With An Experienced Mediator To Resolve Family Law Disputes

Mediation is a voluntary process where you meet, at your convenience, with a mediator to discuss the key issues in a divorce, child custody or support case. In a mediation, you are never forced into any agreement.

Consider these significant advantages of mediation over litigation:

  1. Savings in legal fees and costs: Divorces in the U.S. cost a staggering sum. The average cost, per spouse, can range from $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 or more. You may also face moving costs, purchasing new items like furnishings, all while losing the shared income of the other party. Mediation costs average well below $5,000.00 total, for both parties combined.
  2. Control of your life: Most divorces can take from 9-12 months or up to two years to complete for complex cases. With mediation, you control when you meet with the mediator and the settlement process. You can avoid preparing for hearings that get postponed or waiting for the court to decide on an issue of importance to you.
  3. Reduce the emotional toll and stress: No one said it was easy. But, mediation allows both sides the opportunity to express their concerns and their needs and to negotiate a compromise. It can make a painful and difficult process easier for you and your family.

Even high-conflict cases can be resolved through mediation. It will take some time and some work, but it can be done. A skilled mediator can be the difference. Susan’s years of legal experience make her uniquely qualified to help parties reach a settlement, even in the most complex situations. Even if you do not reach a full agreement, you will have valuable information about what the issues are that are truly in dispute.

Even if you already have an agreement, oftentimes, the couple has not addressed all of the possible concerns because you may not be familiar with everything required in the court documents. By hiring a mediator, you can proceed with guidance as to all the issues that must be addressed so that your agreement will be approved by the court.

Schedule A Consultation To Learn More About Mediation

You have a choice. You don’t have to trust someone you don’t know to decide where your children will live or when they will see each parent, or how your assets will be divided. To learn more about the mediation process, call Seacrist Law Office, LLC, at 440-340-1101 or complete an online contact form to schedule a free consultation.